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"Start with essential."

It’s true, practice make perfect. More than that however, we believe that focusingon the right skill during practice can greatly enhance learning productivity.The Classroom Experience, conducted by Certified S.A.M Trainers, engages studentswith dialogue, probing questions, props, games and a healthy dose of encouragement.The idea is to make learning fun and memorable throughan array of interactive experiences.

Concrete Pictorial Abstract

The future of mathematics.
These days, a student requires more than Rote learning to excel in Maths.At S.A.M, we focus on skills such as Critical Thinking, Heuristics, Logical Reasoning,Metacognitive Understanding, Modelling Techniques and Situational Word Problems, amongst others.Collectively, we term this as A Holistic Approach to learning Mathematics.Thanks for calculators, smartphones and devices that help us to thinking about figure in large number.The S.A.M Method call “CPA” is the essential of it. Our duty is make the maths becomes somethingscan be touch with hands and minds and becomes abstract at last. With these method,your children will able to use this technique to solve the maths problem easily.

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Whole number




Basic Maths Concepts


Start with toy or model, children will familiar with shape and basic of concepts where its becomes.

The next that we teach to them is how of the toys and paper becomes picture, in this progress your children will have ability to touch and move the objects in their minds, it’s important to understand the advance maths with easily.

Now, we will move all the basic and apply to the things that they cannot see but they can create in their minds with symbol and some figure.

Learning Class

" Different perspective,same as target."
During this engagement time, the Trainer also takes the opportunity to accesses how the student is coping with his works, his rate of progress and his level of motivation. Qualified S.A.M Trainers understand that their role is not just to instill Mathematical knowledge in students, but to also inculcate the right learning attitude and self discipline in them, in preparation for their future.
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